It’s been a while since our last post here, but rest assured; we’ve been busy. Just recently, we’ve heavily revamped our Uber timeline- which allows you to “follow along” the actual Uber growth stages starting from the absolute beginning - when it was just an idea.

If you’ve seen it before - you’ll notice some of its changes:

  • The entire design is now following the same scheme as the rest of our site
  • We’ve recently came across even more super interesting content from the actual founder & first employees of Uber, and added them to the timeline
  • You can now directly link to specific days within the timeline (each direct link is located at the bottom right corner of each post). In other words, you can finally link to specific Uber milestones & achievments instead of having to link to the start of the timeline and making the audience manually navigate to the panel

We’re always improving things and brainstorming new ideas, but figured that these were noteworthy for the blog :) We’re also closing in on a huge milestone, 5 million estimates, so stay tuned for an announcement then.

Thanks for reading

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