We've Been Busy

Here at UberEstimate.com... We’re always up to something.

Whether it’s something useful, something fun, or something uniquely interesting and insightful.

It’s been a while since we last made a post, so we figured to keep you all in-the-loop regarding some of the more recent improvements and features we’ve quietly launched!


Without further adieu...

1) Big improvements to our live fare & surge map

If you have seen our real-time fare map in the past, You may have considered it - while interesting and fun - to be a little “clunky” at times. Well, We’ve made some heavy improvements to all aspects of the live map; And we think you’ll like them. Give it a glance! Especially on weekend nights or big holidays!

2) You can now see which areas have experienced the most frequent surges over the past 7 days

Statistics nerd like us? Convinced there’s always a surge when you need a ride?


We’ve launched an interactive map that shows precisely which areas have experienced the most frequent surge prices over the past 7 days (within the United States).

This map/page will always show data from the 7 days immediately prior to the moment you load the page! So, over time, you may see “hotspots” that seemingly always have the most surges.


3) View the real-time traffic conditions - as of that very moment - with the most optimal route for that ride


Now when you estimate any fare - in any location with Uber operations - You will be able to see an accurate representation of the traffic conditions along the most optimal route to your destination at that very moment (it’s provided by Google - and it’s extremely accurate/real-time information).

Until next time! Have a great weekend.

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