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Welcome to the blog!

We launched the site in August of 2014, And since then - We’ve been slowly but steadily growing and expanding our website; Turning it into much more than just a simple Uber fare estimating tool.


Since our launch, We have provided over 1,000,000 fare estimates to Uber riders around the world. The fare estimates you receive from our site are real-time quotes provided directly by Uber - Thanks to their recently released developer API. We are extremely grateful for Uber’s continued efforts to improve and expand their API, While insuring reliability around the clock.

Our site launched about ~2 days after Uber released their API. At the time I was using Uber all the time, And being a self-taught web developer since I was about...13...Naturally, I was happy to hear about the release and eager to get one of the very first Uber-API-powered websites up and running.


I’ve never been much of a blogger; I keep myself entirely too busy with a small handful of personal projects/websites, I hardly have time for a social life.... But I look forward to keeping *this* blog up-to-date and (ideally) full of interesting Uber related statistics/data as we continue to grow and expand.

So please excuse our lack of content for the time being! But thank you so much for making it this far,


- Zach (Owner/Developer)

P.S. Follow @UberEstimate on Twitter! We’re always tweeting updates, statistics, pricing alerts and more. We also constantly post to our facebook page:…

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