UberEstimate.com Turns 1!

So today’s a pretty good day - We turned 1! And we’ve provided over 1.5M Uber rates since the launch.

On August 20th 2014 - Uber announced the launch of their new developer API. At the time, I was an avid new Uber rider and loved everything about the rideshare industry; So naturally after seeing the announcement on Hacker News the next day, I was eager to get something...anything up & running.


(Yeah...sometimes us nerds get way too excited over things like new API’s)

When we launched, There were two pages on the site. It’s pretty simple (duh) and it’s going to stay that way. However since then we’ve been able to launch some pretty interesting new features.

We’ve got statistics, website widgets, a ‘stock ticker’-esque board for some of the most popular UberX rides taken (Monitors surges around the clock), and last but certainly not least: Our Live Uber Surge Map.


Basically the surge map takes you around the world in real-time & shows you the estimates users are requesting from our site, In real-time. Markers are placed on the map, On a global scale, and surges are color coded in regards to just how high the surge is. Pretty fun to watch especially on say holidays or weekend nights - when things get a little crazy.

Hopefully a few of you enjoyed the post & insight on Uber/our site :) ....*crickets*....


Thanks for reading - See you next time.

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