Just hours ago, Uber announced their newest wide-scale car service: Uber EVENTS. For everyone in the United States.


As Lyft continues to ramp up their marketing - in an effort to poach Uber from their constant stream of new drivers (Yes, Lyft is still focusing on just the U.S.) - Uber yet again manages to dominate the news with the launch of their newest car service, Uber EVENTS. Oh yeah, *every* rider in the U.S. is invited to give it a shot.

While surge prices sure seem to be more and more common, their rates for the actual fares themselves have, for the most part, stayed close to the same as their respective launch price.


UberEVENTS essentially allows you to purchase car rides for your friends. Any friends - all of your friends - with the tap of a button. You can launch into the EVENTS app through their newest page, https://www.uber.com/events; Whether they’re all coming to your house for a party, or you (generously) decided to take them all out to lunch.

We decided to check an actual EVENT car service’s Uber rate...But unfortunately, atleast for now, functionality seems to fall outside of the current API’s price limits/barriers.


To see more info on what a host OR guest/rider will have to do, Check out the details from their new blog post in their newsroom.

What do you think? Are you one of the few who’s already gotten to try out this new service? Let us know below.

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