Top 11 Uber Rides

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As we close in on 2,000,000 Uber fare estimates provided through our site, We wanted to start providing you all with some more interesting Uber related statistics as we continue to gather data.


So today, We’ve compiled some of the top, most requested specific Uber rides - actual routes - requested by our users/Uber riders around the world.

Please note that these statistics are *not* from Uber or official in any way, They’re just based off of the near 2 million fare estimates provided through


Without further adieu,

The most popular Uber routes

  1. San Jose, CA to San Francisco (California)..... ~48 miles, $61-81
  2. Fort Lauderdale to Miami (Florida)..... Uber is currently barred from operating in Ft. Lauderdale
  3. San Francisco to San Jose (California)..... ~48 miles, $72-96
  4. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl. Airport to South Beach, Miami..... Uber is currently barred from operating in Ft. Lauderdale
  5. Los Angeles Intl. Airport/LAX to Disneyland (California)..... ~34 miles, $42-55
  6. Denver Intl. Airport to Boulder (Colorado)..... ~43 miles, $65-83
  7. Seattle-Tacoma Intl. AIrport to Seattle (Washington).... ~14 miles, $26-33
  8. Waldwick to EWR Intl. Airport (New Jersey).... ~34 miles, $37-49
  9. Los Angeles Intl. Airport/LAX to Santa Monica (California)..... ~12 miles, $16-21
  10. Oakland to San Francisco (California)..... ~13 miles, $21-27
  11. SFO Airport to Union Square (San Francisco, California)..... ~14 miles, $31-40

The prices to the right are estimates for an UberX ride along that route, without any price surges. Keep in mind that Uber makes changes to the actual city price models fairly often, But these are accurate as of September 12th 2015.


While some of the top route pickup locations reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Unfortunately Uber and rideshare companies in general have been barred from operating there as of this moment...But hopefully not for much longer, As discussions are currently being held regarding their rideshare laws & Uber’s return.

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