Were you qualified to be the very first full-time engineer for Uber? Here’s what they originally posted, describing just what they were looking for at the time.

UberCab is hiring an entrepreneurial, rockstar engineer. Ground floor opportunity with amazing advisors & team.

Summary: UberCab is looking for our first full time engineer. This is a ground floor opportunity with salary + equity in a soon to be high profile SF startup. We have a working product, amazing angel investor list & top-tier hands on advisors such as Garrett Camp (CEO-StumbleUpon), Travis Kalanick (sold RedSwoosh), Tim Ferriss (author of ’4 Hour Work Week’). Read our post…


Hello, we are UberCab, a San Francisco startup with big ambitions to re-engineer the transportation industry with mobile location based services & applications. We’re looking for a developer who is Uber enough to help us take on that challenge.

The ugly reality in the car services business is that if you need a ride to be on demand, you’re screwed. Your option is a taxi that you can’t find, is unreliable if you try to call, and takes too long if and when it actually arrives. In many cities across America, when you need a taxi, you come to terms with the possibility of being stranded. This industry is technologically challenged, and has been propped up by a corrupt partnership between Taxi companies and local governments. This pain is our Uber opportunity!


We’ve created a system that will revolutionize the way city-dwellers will get from point A to B. Through a coordinated network of mobile devices we’re providing real-time booking and billing and immediate automated dispatch. No more concern about whether or not your driver arrives or how long it will take. Now you can request, monitor, and pay with complete ease and confidence.

Currently, the platform is in Alpha and we have a few cars on the road, but we need killer tech-talent to blow it out to hundreds of cities and 10’s of thousands of cars around the world. We’re hoping you see a game changer here, we certainly do.


We’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades, a passionate technologist who isn’t afraid of new technologies or new challenges. We want someone who works hard because they enjoy their work and thrives on new challenges. We’re building a complex location based service where pricing, analytics and logistics algorithms that you create will be coordinating billions of dollars in transportation assets, i.e. cars :)

Ideally you’re excited to get your hands in all parts of the system, from mobile app development (iPhone, Android, BBerry, SMS), to backend scaling of location awareness and analytics. You’re an all-important hire for us as you’ll be one of our first full-time developers, which means a significant stake in our success and a ground floor opportunity in a San Francisco startup.


Most application processes suck as bad as the car services industry so we won’t ask you to submit a resume or tell us what kitchen appliance you most resemble (yes, I got that one once). Just answer honestly the questions below and I’ll personally be responding the same day.

1. What kinds of technology-related side projects or hobbies are you working on?

2. What’s your coding background? Why did you start and where has it taken you?

3. What languages/tools are you expert or competent in? What languages/tools would you like to get to know better?


4. Give an example of the hardest bit of debugging you’ve had to do, perhaps where it took hours / days to solve a non-obvious problem. What approaches did you use? What eventually led to the fix?

5. What, in your opinion, is the purpose of code documentation, and what constitutes good documentation, in your opinion?


6. What’s the difference between <?php ?> and <? phpinfo(); ?> and <?= ?>

7. When would you use an include() directive over a require()?

8. What’s the output of the following script:


$var = 33;

function printer($num) {

echo ‘The variable is ‘.$var.’<br />’;

echo ‘The other variable is ‘.$num.’<br />’;




9. What’s the coolest tech project you’ve worked on, and what was your role and responsibility on it?


10. Tell us your most frustrating, adventurous, or wacky experience getting or riding in a cab. LOLz get bonus points.

We believe whole-heartedly that in hiring it’s talent first, then we work out the details. So if UberCab sounds interesting to you and you think you’re the right fit for us, please reach out, and you’ll be hearing from me.





So, were you qualified based off their 10 questions? We didn’t even know they started with PHP!

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